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Whitman The Cat
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Whitman The Cat
is a very silly Cat

Born October 11, 1993, Whitman the cat quickly became a member of the family.  He has a fraternal twin sister named Emma, whom is loved by Anke, but I think she is just a standoffish bitch.
I won't put here on my web page until she starts being nice to me!


MeandWhitman.JPG (63529 bytes)

To Sit like Whitman
The stupid look on your face is optional.
Its all in the curve of your butt!

whitman1.jpg (40226 bytes)

How can you not laugh?

whitman3.jpg (33632 bytes)

"You want a piece of me?"

whitman2.jpg (43756 bytes)

"I caught my 'ol lady sleepin' wit another cat!"

catinseatsmall.JPG (45906 bytes)

OK, I said I wouldn't post Emma, Whitman's evil, twin sister, but I found a picture that typifies her devilish ways.
When we turned the light on in the living room, we saw that she found 'Lil Lilly's jumper seat, and proceeded to make herself at home.  The next thing you know, she'll want to be breast fed!  What a bitch!


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