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Anke The Wife
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Anke (AKA, "The Steiny") was working as an Au Pair in Providence in '90.  She is from Germany, so I figured, this would be a sure "Fling" of a relationship, considering she was to go back home in September.  
She went back, but then she came to visit that January. Boy was I wrong about the "Fling".

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Here is a picture of Anke taken at dusk with the top down.  The wind foo-fooed her hair and I thought it was cool!

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Here we are on the way to the National Democratic Convetion


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Here we are at a fiend's house seemingly enjoying ourselves.


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This thumb nail of the Black and White photo that we took was taken and developed ourselves when Anke was an Au pair.  This was the first time I spent alot of time in a dark room, gazing into Anke's eyes (if only on a photo).  Anke looked so different in this picture from how she looked before she left Germany, that her family didn't think this was her.


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